Should you take your San Diego business dispute to court?

As a business owner, you have worked very hard to get to where you are and have done all you can to avoid disputes along the way. Unfortunately, some business disputes cannot be resolved, and you must make the decision to let them go or take them to court. As with every big decision, it is a balancing act.

Pros and cons of litigating business matters in California

It is important to talk through the pros and cons of taking legal action with your business or corporate attorney before filing a lawsuit. First, your lawyer will assess the unique circumstances of your situation and help you determine if you have a valid and compensable claim. Second, you will need to determine if it worth it to pursue legal action involving your business. To help you make that decision, think through and discuss the following issues before filing a lawsuit.

Con: Litigation is confrontational.

Pro: Filing a lawsuit will force the other party to face the situation.

Con: Lawsuits can consume a substantial amount of your time and energy, keeping you away from the day-to-day tasks of your company.

Pro: Filing a lawsuit can motivate the other party to settle quickly as that party is trying to avoid the time and expense of litigation as well.

Con: Legal action can give the impression that you are hard to deal with on a business level.

Pro: If future disputants know you are not afraid to file an action, they may think twice about raising a dispute or drawing out a protracted disagreement with your business in the first place.

Con: Business litigation can be expensive.

Pro: Ignoring the problem can cost you more money long-term because an unresolved dispute may lead to other costly issues, and it may open the door to disputes with other parties.

Con: Pursuing an action in court breaks down the communication level between your company and the party with whom you are having a dispute.

Pro: If emotions of the parties involved are high, communicating through your lawyers may allow for improved negotiations.

Avoiding litigation is your best first choice

Of course, litigation should be the last step you take when a disagreement arises with a supplier, vendor, customer, competitor or your own employee or business partner. An experienced business lawyer can advise you of your alternative dispute resolution options. There may be a solution worth trying before filing a lawsuit.

At the Solana Beach law firm of Mayfield Bustarde, LLP, your important decisions are important to us as well. Let an experienced lawyer help you make the right choice and obtain the best results for your unique circumstances.