Landlord or Tenant Issue In San Diego? We Can Help.

For many people, residential lease matters is their introduction to contract issues, negotiations, and litigation. Consulting with an attorney experienced in representing both landlords and tenants can help minimize your risk and maximize your bottom-line. We represent both landlords and tenants in litigation and disputes related to rental properties. The stakes in a lawsuit involving real property are high: a tenant might be evicted from their home, a landlord could be stuck with a "deadbeat" tenant, or even in a small claims dispute over a security deposit, the landlord or tenant may be facing the loss of thousands of dollars.

Contact the Solana Beach law firm of Mayfield Bustarde, LLP today at 877-291-6671 for a free initial phone consultation about your residential rental property and any landlord-tenant issues you are facing in order to properly navigate the oftentimes complicated contracts and laws that govern landlord-tenant relationships.

For many landlord-tenant issues, a short meeting at our offices will be sufficient for our attorneys to give the legal advice our clients need to help themselves.

Landlord Services

We represent all types of landlords and property managers, whether it is a large multiple unit property or a single family residence. Proper risk management and the acquisition and retention of good tenants should begin before a property is listed for rent and continue after a tenant vacates. You can choose the level of service we will provide, whether it is on a long term retained status or on an a la carte basis. Our services to landlords include, for example:

  • Rental Agreement & Lease: A written rental agreement or lease is a very cost effective way to manage risk. Oral or verbal rental agreements or online template agreements are frequently not sufficient to address the issues and goals that are particular to each landlord or property. We can help draft from scratch or review and amend your existing agreements, and most importantly inform and discuss with you why certain provisions should be or should not be in the rental agreement you use.
  • Other Contracts/Documents: There are many other contracts that landlords should consider in addition to the rental agreement or written lease. We can draft and review all types of contracts related to the landlord-tenant relationship, like: personnel guarantees, prospective tenant applications/authorizations and pre-screening forms, initial walk-through/inspection checklist, house rules, assignments & subleases, itemized statement of deductions for security deposit, demand letters, notices to vacate, notices to pay or quit, notices to cure or quit, settlement agreements, etc. More importantly, we can help you use these documents correctly and personalize them to meet your particular needs.
  • Consultation on Tenant Matters: The law can be complicated to understand and hard to properly apply to particular factual scenarios. Our attorneys can help you address issues you may have with your tenants while remaining in compliance with the law.
  • Evictions/Unlawful Detainer Actions: Evicting a tenant requires strict compliance with statutory requirements. It also typically requires the landlord to strategically present his or her claims to avoid unintentionally harming their own interests. We can represent you from the initial notice of eviction, filing the complaint, law & motion, discovery, through trial and execution of the order for occupants to vacate by the appropriate police authority.

Tenant Services

Our attorneys also represent tenants regarding all the issues that can arise from renting or leasing a property. Our background in representing landlords and businesses of all types gives us unique insight into the laws and business decisions that all landlords must consider when interacting with their tenants. The attorneys at Mayfield Bustarde, LLP can help make sure that tenants achieve their goals, like: responding to a notice of eviction or unlawful detainer action, recovering a security deposit, having repairs made, terminating a fixed term tenancy early, negotiating for an extension of a lease, resolving issues with the landlord, etc.

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At Mayfield Bustarde, LLP, our attorneys are ready to help you whether you are a landlord or tenant. Contact us online today or call 877-291-6671 for a free initial phone consultation with one of our experienced lawyers or to schedule an appointment for a reduced or fixed fee in-person office meeting. Due to the nature of our practice representing both landlords and tenants, please be ready to give the full name(s) of any adverse party involved in your matter when you contact our office by phone, online and or email. We may be unable to provide you legal services if there is a conflict of interest.